Biological pharmaceutical industry market depth research and investment

The research advisory report by research consulting firm Price Waterhouse headlining writing, in a thorough market research foundation, mainly on the basis of the National Bureau of statistics, the national development and Reform Commission, national Ministry of industry, China Association of pharmaceutical biotechnology, China industry research network, national and overseas many related newspapers and magazines and professional research institutions published and provided a large amount of data, the development status of China's bio pharmaceutical and related industries, the market supply and demand situation and development trend are analyzed, and focuses on the analysis of China's biopharmaceutical industry development status and characteristics of, and Chinese bio pharmaceutical industry will face the challenge, enterprise's development strategy. Report of the biopharmaceutical industry are tend to be judged, bio pharmaceutical companies, research, investment institutions and other units of the accurate understanding of the development of bio pharmaceutical industry dynamic, grasp the positioning of the enterprise and development direction of rare boutique.