Causes of ostearthritis

Although doctors are not completely certain what causes ostearthritis of the joint, some possible

contributors are:

Advancing age

Wear and tear on the joint over many years

Previous injury

Excessive weight

Genetics: It may "run in the family"

Gender: Women are more likely than men to have ostearthritis of the joint

Some investigators believe that mechanical stress on joints underlies all osteoarthritis, with many and

varied souces of mechanical stress, including  misalignments of bones caused by congenital or

pathogenic causes; mechanical injury; overweight;loss of strength in muscles supporting joints; and

impairment of peripheral nerves, leading to sudden or uncoordinated movements that

overstress  joints. However Exercise including running in the absence of injury, has not been found

to  increase ones risk of developing osteoarthritis  Nor has cracking  Nor  has cracking ones knuckles

been found to play a role