Risk analysis on the industrialization of new biological products for animals

Since twenty-first Century, the biotechnology industry has been the world's attention, the media industry, research institutions have the new millennium, the first hundred years known as the "century of biotechnology", the global biotechnology industry has entered a new stage of rapid development, especially the most mature bio pharmaceutical industry for the operation of the market. China's bio pharmaceutical industry began in 1995, with the rapid development of the biotechnology industry in foreign countries, China's biotech companies like bamboo shoots after a spring rain appeared, and once reached a climax in 1999 and 2000. However, before and after entering the new century, China's bio pharmaceutical industry has suffered in the bright spring a rather severe "unusually cold spell in early spring". From the chart of 1-1 can be clearly aware of the investment in the bio pharmaceutical industry has experienced rapid growth of 1997, 1998, 1999 after three years, beginning in 2000. Speed down, 2001 investment 596000000 yuan and the highest year in 1999 compared to shrink nearly 15%! 1-1 can also be seen from the table, large and medium-sized biopharmaceutical companies operating in 2000 is not as optimistic as people expected, the overall profitability is not ideal. This is not good for the characteristics of high investment, high efficiency, but it confirms its high risk characteristics.