Signs and Symptoms

The main symptoms commonly associated with ostearthritis of the joint are:

1.        Joint pain that worsens when you are active and improves when you rest

2.        Stiffness, with reduced ability to move the joint

3.        Swelling around the joint

4.        Cracking (crepitus) when moving the joint

Other possible symptoms of ostearthritis of the joint include:

1.        Buckling or instability of the joint

2.        Bony enlargement of the joint

3.        Deformity of the joint

If you have any of these symptoms or signs, see your doctor and talk with him or her about your symptoms—where the pain is, how long you’ve had it, and what types of things make it better or worse. Your doctor will perform tests to determine the cause of your joint pain or may refer you to a specialist for further evaluation. If the cause of your pain is ostearthritis of the joint, there are numerous treatment options available,for instance Hairont.